So…today I saw the nutritionist for the first time. I think it went well. I talked her ears off and gave her more information about me than I think she wanted or needed. But overall, another #Win…

She said that to start to regain my weight she is estimating that I need to eat about 1400 calories a day. She said bread and chicken were fine for now to start with as long as I kept eating the lunch trays at the PHP program. AND she didn’t take away my Dr. Pepper… any calories are good calories at this point. She suggested adding juices for nutrient reasons and I’m going to work on that too.

She also said that our goal of gaining 5 pounds in 2 weeks is a little unrealistic and that she will talkto the nurse at the PHP and set some more realistic goals as milestones to keep me out of the Residential Facility–that I do NOT want to go to… so that’s another #Win.

On the scale in the nutritionist’s office I weighed 105. Which I know everyone’s scales will vary a little–but that’s still more than I’ve weighed in the past 2 times I’ve been on a scale. So again, another #Win.

Overall things are looking up. I’m still phobic about eating at night, and certain foods are completely out of the question. But I know that the times and the items I do eat when I eat have been giving me less anxiety than a week ago. Today I actually ate 2 meals as opposed to just snacks in the morning. And, when I ate both breakfast and lunch today I had maybe 1 or 2 anxiety driven thoughts just before or during the eating–but they subsided rather quickly and I was able to finish my meal and move on with my day with minimal anxiety/phobia ideas.

Today has been a day of #Wins all the way around!!! 🙂

Thank You God and thank You Jesus!



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